# Tony Grosinger

Hello, I'm Tony.

I work on extending the capabilities of the ExtraHop platform through software development and team leadership.

I am a maker, both with software and in the physical world.

Current Projects

Electric Bicycle

This will come as no surprise. Seattle has a ton of hills. I love bicycling, but I often find it impractical because of the large hill I live atop. To solve this I have started with the raw components of a bicycle, building it from scratch with the help of the wonder people at my local Bike Shack. Now that the bike is complete it's time to add a motor!


After a bout of RSI I decided to look for a hobby which did not involve spending great amounts of time on a computer. In my home-shop I make tools, furniture, gifts, and home projects.

Home Remodel

Framing, plumbing, drywalling, and even some landscape redesign. I'm slowly working towards making my house into my perfect home.

Past Projects

TiddlyWiki Checklist

TiddlyWiki is a personal knowledge-base I use to keep track of everything from birthday gift ideas to code samples. One of my biggest complaints however was the need to create a new Tiddler (or as I prefer to call it, Note) for each item in a checklist. This plugin solves that, keeping an entire list self contained in a single data-tiddler.

Programming by Voice

Using projects like NatLink, Aenea, and Dragon Naturally Speaking, I have created a system where I can do most of my programming by voice. Read my full blog post about it or help contribute.

Why Search Twice

A list based browser history is really of no use to anyone. When was the last time you used yours and actually found what you were looking for? Myself and four other students at the UW spent our senior year working on a capstone project working to solve this exact problem.

Graph Databases

The capstone project previously mentioned has introduced me to the amazing world of graph databases. Over the last few months I have taken every chance I can to work with or learn more about graph databases and their many uses. Graphs are far from new, but their potential in the software field is only finally being realized.